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Yang, Y., Zhang, X., Wu, L. et al. Transcriptome profiling of developing leaf and shoot apices to reveal the molecular mechanism and co-expression genes responsible for the wheat heading date. BMC Genomics 22, 468 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12864-021-07797-7. Download citation. Received: 03 August 2020. Accepted: 10 June 2021. Published: 23 June 202 Generation, transcriptome profiling, and functional validation of cone-rich human retinal organoids. Rod and cone photoreceptors are light-sensing cells in the human retina. Rods are dominant in the peripheral retina, whereas cones are enriched in the macula, which is responsible for central vision and visual acuity Zhou, J., Chen, S., Shi, W. et al. Transcriptome profiling reveals the effects of drought tolerance in Giant Juncao. BMC Plant Biol 21, 2 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1186/s12870-020-02785-7. Download citation. Received: 30 May 2020. Accepted: 06 December 2020. Published: 04 January 2021. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12870-020-02785- Nature Plants - An effective and high-throughput technology spatially profiles the whole transcriptome of intact plant tissues from Arabidopsis thaliana, Populus tremula and Picea abies. It is..

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  1. Transcriptome analysis experiments enable researchers to characterize transcriptional activity (coding and non-coding), focus on a subset of relevant target genes and transcripts, or profile thousands of genes at once to create a global picture of cell function
  2. The transcriptome is the set of all RNA transcripts, including coding and non-coding, in an individual or a population of cells. The term can also sometimes be used to refer to all RNAs , or just mRNA , depending on the particular experiment
  3. genes related to GLs biosynthesis were investigated in the candidate genes. This transcriptome data will provide the information of comprehensive gene expression in radish root and will facilitate the biotechnological approaches for molecular breeding of radish. [Acknowledgement

Transcriptome profiling of developing leaf and shoot apices to reveal the molecular

Transcriptome Profiling of the Pineapple under Low Temperature to Facilitate Its Breeding for Cold Tolerance The pineapple (Ananas comosus) is cold sensitive. Most cultivars are injured during winter periods, especially in sub-tropical regions. There is a lack of molecular information on the pineapple's response to cold stress To the best our knowledge, this study is the first work that shows the transcriptome profile of sweetpotato tuberous roots under low temperature stress with the high-throughput sequencing technology. The data revealed a mass of gene resources of sweetpotato and elucidate the biological processes that occur under low temperature storage

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We performed a comprehensive mRNA profiling of cluster of differentiation 8 (CD8) T cells in a murine model of autochthonous liver cancer by comparing the transcriptome of naive, functional effector, and exhausted, tumor-specific CD8 T cells. Subsequently, we functionally validated the role of identified genes in T-cell exhaustion Sperm transcriptome profiling in oligozoospermia. Debbie Montjean 1,2, Pierre De La Grange 3, David Gentien 4, Audrey Rapinat 4, Stéphanie Belloc 2, Paul Cohen-Bacrie 2, Yves Menezo 2 & Moncef Benkhalifa 1,2 Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics volume 29, pages 3-10 (2012)Cite this articl Integrated miRNA and transcriptome profiling to explore the molecular determinism of convergent adaptation to corn in two lepidopteran pests of agriculture. Sylvie Gimenez 1 na1, Imène Seninet 1 na1, Marion Orsucci 1,2,3, Philippe Audiot 2, Nicolas Nègre 1, Kiwoong Nam 1, Réjane Streiff 2 & Emmanuelle d'Alençon

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Transcriptome profiling of granulosa cells of bovine ovarian follicles during growth from small to large antral sizes Nicholas Hatzirodos , 1 Helen F Irving-Rodgers , 1, 2 Katja Hummitzsch , 1 Margaret L Harland , 1 Stephanie E Morris , 1 and Raymond J Rodgers An emerging view regarding cancer metabolism is that it is heterogeneous and context-specific, but it remains to be elucidated in breast cancers. In this study, we characterized the energy-related metabolic features of breast cancers through integrative analyses of multiple datasets with genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics, and single-cell transcriptome profiling Transcriptome Profiling. October 2011; Conference: 2011 Society for Advancement of Hispanics/Chicanos and Native Americans in Science National Conference; Authors: Phuong Mai Tran. Phuong Mai Tran. Therefore, we employed transcriptome and metabolome profiling of embryos at different developmental stages to identify the biosynthetic pathways of melatonin Transcriptome Profiling Analyses Comprehensively Identified Molecular Subgroups of B-Precursor Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Jianfeng Li, MD BS, Jianfeng Li, MD BS * 1 State Key Laboratory of Medical Genomics, Shanghai Institute of Hematology, Rui Jin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of.

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Whole transcriptome profiling can reveal genes that are differentially expressed in related tissues (for example, breast tumor tissues and paracancerous breast tissues). Changed genes in any cancer, including breast cancer, reflect the biological diversity of cellular phenotype and physiological function and could become important research areas for elucidating molecular mechanisms The whole transcriptome profiling can reveal genes that are differentially expressed under different habitats. The presence of rquA gene(s) in some protists reflect the anaerobic activity and could become important research areas for understanding and explore new orthologous of these genes Top PDF Transcriptome profiling were compiled by 1Library. co-infection are limited despite their easy accessibility and diagnostic utility in clinical settings. To date, only two studies have focused on transcriptomes of PBMCs from HIV, HCV mono- and co-infected individuals [29,30]

Transcriptome expression profiling of fur color formation in domestic rabbits using Solexa sequencing. Genetics and Molecular Research 15 ( 2 ) : 8409 - 8413 Rochus CM , Westberg Sunesson K , Jonas E , Mikko S , Johansson AM . 2019 Transcriptome Profiling of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas Visceral Ganglia over a Reproduction Cycle Identifies Novel Regulatory Peptides Author: Emilie Réalis-Doyelle, Julie Schwartz, Cédric Cabau, Lorane Le Franc, Benoit Bernay, Guillaume Rivière, Christophe Klopp and Pascal Favrel Subjec CARLSBAD, Calif.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Thermo Fisher Scientific will fast-track 12 translational research teams' gene-expression profiling through an innovative grant program launched today. Selected applicants will receive free next-generation RNA sequencing services to further their research in the field of cancer genomics. Transcriptome profiling is a tremendously important tool for.

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  1. Request PDF | Transcriptome Profiling | Transcriptome refers to the full complement of RNA molecules produced in one or a population of cells in a specific developmental stage or... | Find, read.
  2. g the basis to different approaches for transcriptome profiling
  3. Transcriptome profiling and data processing Human primary myoblasts were sacrificed directly on plates at 30% confluency using Trizol, RNA was prepared using organic extraction and ethanol precipitation as de- scribed [119] followed by silica column cleanup on silica columns (Nucleospin RNA Extraction kit, Macherey Nagel). RNA extracted from individual myoblast lines was Cy5-labeled, mixed.
  4. o acids, lipids, and nucleotides), energy production, and cellular homeostasis
  5. We conducted a systematic review of the literature to investigate methodological approaches and to assess the value of blood transcriptome profiling in research on mental disorders. We were particularly interested in statistical considerations related to machine learning, gene network analyses, and convergence across different disorders. Result

Transcriptome Profiling Uncovers Potential Common Mechanisms in Fetal Trisomies 18 and 21. To address this issue, we analyzed the global transcriptome profiles of amniotic cells of fetuses with trisomy 21 and trisomy 18 with the aim of identifying common GE changes and biological mechanisms. Materials and Methods Transcriptome profiling of Prunus persica branches reveals candidate genes potentially involved in freezing tolerance. Sci Hortic. 2019;259:108775. Article CAS Google Scholar 39. Shi YT, Ding YL, Yang SH. Molecular regulation of CBF signaling in cold acclimation. Trends Plant Sci. 2018;23:7..

The yellow drum (Nibea albiflora) is an important marine economic fish that is widely distributed in the coastal waters of the Northwest Pacific. In order to understand the molecular regulatory mechanism of the yellow drum under salinity stress, in the present study, transcriptome analysis was performed under gradients with six salinities (10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and 35 psu) Tea trichomes contain special flavor-determining metabolites; however, little is known about how and why tea trichomes produce them. Integrated metabolite and transcriptome profiling on tea trichomes in comparison with that on leaves showed that trichomes contribute to tea plant defense and tea flavor and nutritional quality. These unicellular, nonglandular, and unbranched tea trichomes.

Drought responsive transcriptome profiling of roots of IR20 and Nootripathu revealed that tolerant Nootripathu showed relatively more number of DEGs (4287) than susceptible IR20 (3081). Drought stress significantly affected expression of genes encoding c ellulose synthases and expansins, two major gene families involved formation of cell walls in the shallow rooted drought susceptible genotype. Transcriptome Profiling of Oocytes at the Germinal Vesicle Stage from Women from Mongolia with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled Dynamic transcriptome profiling toward understanding the development of the human embryonic heart during different Carnegie stages. Zhuo Meng, Department of Pediatric Cardiology, Xinhua Hospital, Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, China

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Transcriptome profiling of olive flounder responses under acute and chronic heat stress. Woo-Jin Kim 2, Kyubin Lee 1, Dain Lee 2, Hyun-Chul Kim 2, Bo-Hye Nam 3, Hyungtaek Jung 4, Sun-Ju Yi 1 & Kyunghwan Kim 1 Genes & Genomics volume 43, pages 151-159 (2021)Cite this articl Transcriptome profiling of Camelina sativa to identify genes involved in triacylglycerol biosynthesis and accumulation in the developing seeds. Hesham M. Abdullah 1,2, Parisa Akbari 1, Bibin Paulose 3, Danny Schnell 3, Weipeng Qi 4, Yeonhwa Park 4, Ashwani Pareek 5 & Transcriptome profiling of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli and the mouse microvascular endothelial cell line bEnd.3 during interaction Peili Wang 1 , 2 , Xia Meng 1 , 2 , Jianji Li 1 , 2 , Yanfei Chen 1 , 2 , Dong Zhang 1 , 2 , Haoran Zhong 1 , 2 , Pengpeng Xia 1 , 2 , Luying Cui 1 , 2 , Guoqiang Zhu 1 , 2 , Heng Wang 1 , c) Transcriptome profiling of IPF FB. c, i) PC analysis plot showing clear separation between pirfenidone-treated and pirfenidone-naïve IPF FB. c, ii) KEGG analysis showing the ten most significantly perturbed pathways in IPF FB after pirfenidone treatment. c, iii) Volcano plot indicating the global distribution of log2 (fold change in expression) and p-value Comparative transcriptome of ICM and TE obtained from in vitro vs. in vivo blastocysts. Transcriptome profile of ICM and TE derived from in vivo generated blastocysts in this study (VIVO) was compared with the in vitro (VITRO) studies of Ozawa et al. [2012] (left panel) and Nagatomo et al. (right panel)

  1. Transcriptome Profiling of HFDP Cells in response to Porphyra-334 Treatment by RNA-Seq. Although porphyra-334 has a wide range of important roles, the genomewide expression profile for human genes in response to porphyra-334 treatment has not been established. In this study,.
  2. g at characterising the pathways that differentiate SSc from controls and that are.
  3. g high-throughput single-cell transcriptome profiling on the 10x Genomics Chromium Platform, utilizing cell-by-cell 3' end counting of mRNA transcripts. The NICHD has the ability to construct single-cell libraries ourselves, with assistance of single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq) services. Vendor must be able to provide end-to-end services, allowing a more.
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Contrary to the transcriptome profiling results, however, sexual differentiation accounted for only 17 differentially expressed proteins (DEP, 1.60%). Conversely, circalunar phase affected 261 DEP (24.53%), significantly exceeding the amount observed in the transcriptomic analysis What is a transcriptome? The human genome is made up of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), a long, winding molecule that contains the instructions needed to build and maintain cells. These instructions are spelled out in the form of base pairs of four different chemicals, organized into 20,000 to 25,000 genes Starvation is frequently encountered by animals under fluctuating food conditions in nature, and response to it is vital for life span. Many studies have investigated the behavioral and physiological responses to starvation. In particular, starvation is known to induce changes in olfactory behaviors and olfactory sensitivity to food odorants, but the underlying mechanisms are not well understood Study advances single-cell transcriptome profiling. With the goal of ensuring that single-cell RNA sequencing makes use of the best possible methods, an international group has benchmarked 13. Ribosome Profiling: Provide a ribosome-profiling strategy that is based on the deep sequencing of ribosome-protected mRNA fragments and enables genome-wide investigation of translation with sub cordon resolution. Total RNA-Seq: Analyze both coding and multiple forms of noncoding RNA for a comprehensive view of the transcriptome

Transcriptome analysis of U. maydis-infected maize lines of distinct disease resistance levels To identify maize genes involved in QDR to U. maydis, we analysed genotype-dependent transcriptional changes in response to U. maydis via RNA-Seq. Of all 63 477 maize annotated loci, 40 056 were expressed in our samples (63%) Clariom expression assay services offer a powerful and flexible tool for measuring a broad range of expression changes across the whole transcriptome quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. This includes services for human, mouse, and rat Clariom D and Clariom S arrays. High-Resolution Transcriptomics Obtain gene-level (Clariom S array) or exon-resolution (Clariom D array) of the entire. Transcriptome is the set of all transcripts in a given type of cells. In other words, it is a snapshot of expression profile at a given time of cells. In tra..

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Transcriptome profiling demonstrated similar expression patterns after BBB breakdown, albumin, and TGF-β1 exposure, including modulation of genes associated with the TGF-β pathway, early astrocytic activation, inflammation, and reduced inhibitory transmission Characterization of the morphological structure during hair follicle development has been well documented, while the current understanding of the molecular mechanisms involved in follicle development remain limited. Here, using unbiased single-cell RNA sequencing, we analyzed 15,086 single cell transcriptome profiles from E13.5 and E16.5 fetal mice, and newborn mouse (postnatal day 0, P0. Transcriptome Profile of S. subterranea inside the Resistant and Susceptible Hosts To analyse the transcriptome of the obligate biotrophic pathogen S. subterranea in potato roots, a deep sequencing approach with an rRNA removal (to enrich mRNA) strategy was employed to overcome the RNA quantity difference between the host plant and pathogen

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  1. In the last decades, transcriptome profiling has been one of the most utilized approaches to investigate human diseases at the molecular level. Through expression studies, many molecular biomarkers and therapeutic targets have been found for several human pathologies. This number is continuously increasing thanks to total RNA sequencing. Indeed, this new technology has completely.
  2. Status: Public on Jan 03, 2019: Title: CYTOGENETIC AND TRANSCRIPTOME PROFILING ANALYSIS OF MATCHED IN SITU/INVASIVE CUTANEOUS SQUAMOUS CELL CARCINOMAS FROM IMMUNOCOMPETENT PATIENTS [HuGene-2_0-st] Organism: Homo sapiens: Experiment type: Expression profiling by arra
  3. AtRTD3 provided higher resolution of transcript expression profiling and identified cold- and light-induced differential transcription start and polyadenylation site usage. Conclusions AtRTD3 is the most comprehensive Arabidopsis transcriptome currently available

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Biopsy transcriptome expression profiling: proper validation is key. Philip J O'Connell and colleagues (Sept 3, p 983) 1 describe a set of 13 genes they claim has high accuracy for prediction of several chronic allograft damage-related phenotypes in kidney transplants Aim 3: Establish and evaluate the performance of the joint transcriptome and chromatin accessibility profiling method based on a splint adapter (as implemented in sci-CAR and SNARE-seq). Genomics-based innovative aspect of proposal. Transcriptional and chromatin profiling of single plant cells/nuclei is in its infancy RNA-Seq technique has been used to profile transcriptome of sensory ganglia in physiological conditions as well as to explore gene changes under inflammatory or neuropathic pain conditions. 2,22,24,28 The dorsal root ganglion (DRG) contains primary sensory neurons, which are responsible for receiving pain signals in response to noxious stimulation and conveying pain signals to spinal cord. Title. Single-cell transcriptome profiling for metastatic renal cell carcinoma patient-derived cells [aCGH] Organism. Homo sapiens. Experiment type. Genome variation profiling by genome tiling array. Summary. Clear cell renal cell carcinoma (ccRCC) initiated from the renal epithelium is the most prevalent histological type of adult kidney cancers

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  1. o acid sequences between SIL-05 (a sweet sorghum) and BTx623 (a grain sorghum). Result
  2. Single-cell transcriptome profiling of thyroid hormone effectors in the human fetal neocortex: expression of SLCO1C1, DIO2, and THRB in specific cell types. Dr. Diego Diez, Dr. Beatriz Morte, and ; Dr. Juan Berna
  3. Recent advancements in transcriptome profiling provided evidence of the association of lincRNAs in a diverse range of cellular functions: Regulation of mRNA transcription. Regulation of mRNA post-transcriptional modifications. Occlusion/recruitment of transcription factor binding. Activation and transportation of transcription factor
  4. Transcriptome from high throughput sequencing-by-synthesis is a good resource of molecular markers. In this study, we present utility of massively parallel sequencing by synthesis for profiling the transcriptome of red pepper (Capsicum annuum L. TF68) using 454 GS-FLX pyrosequencing.Through the generation of approximately 30.63 megabases (Mb) of expressed sequence tag (EST) data with the.

Transcriptome analysis. We investigated the changes in gene expression profiles in the pseudostems of WT and MT plants. With three biological replicates, the transcriptome sequencing of the six samples yielded a total of 56.78 Gb clean data with an average of 94.46% bases scoring Q30 (Additional Table 1).Of the total clean reads, 83.68 to 90.25% were unique matches with Musa genome (Musa. Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus (Las) is an emergent bacterial pathogen that is associated with the devastating citrus Huanglongbing (HLB). Vectored by the Asian citrus psyllid, Las colonizes the phloem tissue of citrus, causing severe damage to infected trees. So far, cultivating pure Las culture in axenic media has not been successful and dual-transcriptome analyses aiming to profile gene. Transcriptome and proteome profiling reveal complementary scavenger and immune features of rat liver sinusoidal endothelial cells and liver macrophages Sabin Bhandari 1 , Ruomei Li 1 Sleep appears to be essential for all animals. The loss of a type of brain cell called the Hypocretin/Orexin (Hcrt) neurons causes the sleep disorder narcolepsy, which disturbs sleep patterns. These neurons also control several other fundamental behaviors and activities, including eating and processing rewards, but it is not clear how Hcrt neurons are able to influence multiple behaviors

Keywords: transcriptome analysis, H1N1 influenza virus, human cells, IL-17A, differential replication. Citation: Li J, Zhang K, Fan W, Zhang S, Li Y, Gu J, Zhou J and Liu W (2019) Transcriptome Profiling Reveals Differential Effect of Interleukin-17A Upon Influenza Virus Infection in Human Cells. Front. Microbiol. 10:2344. doi: 10.3389/fmicb. Find resources for processing whole transcriptome and 3' IVT arrays including assay support. Transcriptome Profiling Support | Thermo Fisher Scientific - RU Popula PDF | Early embryonic loss is a large contributor to infertility in cattle. Moreover, bovine becomes an interesting model to study human preimplantation... | Find, read and cite all the research. Male sterility exists widely in flowering plants and is used as a fascinating tool by breeders for creating hybrid varieties. Herein, stamen samples from male sterile CCR20000 and male fertile CCR20001 lines during two developmental stages were employed to elucidate the molecular changes during flower development in fertile and sterile Chinese cabbage lines c) Transcriptome profiling of IPF FB. c, i) PC analysis plot showing clear separation between pirfenidone-treated and pirfenidone-naïve IPF FB. c, ii) KEGG analysis showing the ten most significantly perturbed pathways in IPF FB after pirfenidone treatment. c, iii) Volcano plot indicating the global distribution of log2 (fold change in expression) and p-value

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Comparative transcriptome profiling reveals candidate genes related to insecticide resistance of Glyphodes pyloalis - Volume 110 Issue 1 - H. Su, Y. Gao, Y. Liu, X. Transcriptome dynamics after X-irradiation. To obtain a comprehensive view of the modulation of the cellular transcriptome in response to IR, we analyzed the IR-induced response in the CAL51 breast cancer cell line, established from pleural effusion of metastatic breast cancer ().CAL51 cells exhibit morphological and immunohistochemical characteristics of epithelial mammary cells, are. Transcriptome Profiling of the Pacific Oyster Visceral Ganglia over a Reproduction Cycle Identifies Novel Regulatory Peptides. Transcriptome mining led to the identification of novel neuropeptide precursors (NPPs) related to the bilaterian Eclosion Hormone (EH), crustacean female sex hormone/Interleukin 17,. Citation: Ren P, Meng Y, Li B, Ma X, Si E, Lai Y, Wang J, Yao L, Yang K, Shang X and Wang H (2018) Molecular Mechanisms of Acclimatization to Phosphorus Starvation and Recovery Underlying Full-Length Transcriptome Profiling in Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.). Front. Plant Sci. 9:500. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.0050

Transcriptomics technologies are the techniques used to study an organism's transcriptome, the sum of all of its RNA transcripts.The information content of an organism is recorded in the DNA of its genome and expressed through transcription.Here, mRNA serves as a transient intermediary molecule in the information network, whilst non-coding RNAs perform additional diverse functions Transcriptome and Proteome Profiling of Neural Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Individuals with Down Syndrome Disclose Dynamic Dysregulations of Key Pathways and Cellular Functions. Maria Sobol 1 na1, Joakim Klar 1 na1, Loora Laan 1, Mansoureh Shahsavani 2, Jens Schuster 1, Göran Annerén 1, Anne Konzer 3, Jia Mi 3, Jonas Bergquist 3 Transcriptome profiling in response to demethylation. Transcriptome sequencing of grape leaves (5-azaC treated leaves (5AL) and leaves control (LCK)) and buds (5-azaC treated buds (5AB) and buds control (BCK)) was performed after 5-azaC treatment and compared to control

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Metastatic uveal melanoma (mUM) to the liver is incurable. Transcriptome profiling of 40 formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded mUM liver resections and 6 control liver specimens was undertaken. mUMs were assessed for morphology, nuclear BAP1 (nBAP1) expression, and their tumour microenvironments (TME) using an immunoscore (absent/altered/high) for tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) and. Full Transcriptome Spatial RNA Analysis. The GeoMx Human Whole Transcriptome Atlas (GeoMx Hu WTA) is designed for comprehensive profiling of spatial biology. With full coverage of protein coding genes, GeoMx Hu WTA delivers spatial analysis of any target in any tissue in the biological regions that matter most Transcriptome Profiling of Mouse Corpus Callosum After Cerebral Hypoperfusion Hajime Takase 1† , Gen Hamanaka 1† , Ryo Ohtomo 1 , Hidehiro Ishikawa 1 , Kelly K. Chung 1 , Emiri T. Mandeville 1 , Josephine Lok 1 , Myriam Fornage 2,3 , Karl Herrup 4 , Kai-Hei Tse 5 , Eng H. Lo 1 and Ken Arai 1 Single-cell transcriptome and single-cell methylome technologies have become powerful tools to study RNA and DNA methylation profiles of single cells at a genome-wide scale. A major challenge has been to understand the direct correlation of DNA methylation and gene expression within single-cells. Due to large cell-to-cell variability and the lack of direct measurements of transcriptome and.

Find resources for processing whole transcriptome and 3' IVT arrays including assay support. Transcriptome Profiling Support | Thermo Fisher Scientific - BR Popula Profiling both the cardiac kinome and transcriptome indicated that erlotinib treatment is associated with upregulation of the STAT3 pathway in the heart, a particularly interesting finding given that STAT3 activation is a primary mechanism of tumor resistance to EGFR inhibitor treatment in multiple types of cancer. 40, 41 We sought to determine whether upregulation of cardioprotective STAT3. Simultaneous profiling of the transcriptome and epigenome from the same cell Figure 2. Efficient and robust workflow. Access a unified view of transcription and the chromatin landscape by combining gene expression and ATAC-seq data from the same single cell with a simple, streamlined workflow Transcriptome profiling of transgenic 'Khao Dawk Mali 105' rice over-expressing OsCam1-1 and wild type rice showed that overexpression of OsCam1-1 widely affected the expression of genes involved in several cellular processes under salt stress, including signaling, hormone-mediated regulation, transcription, lipid metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism, secondary metabolism.

Construction of a human cell landscape at single-cellRNA-Seq - WikipediaMinION sequencing of Streptococcus suis allows forEDS Study Identifies Potentially Important Pathways forIJMS | Free Full-Text | Genome-Wide Identification and